Flood Management, Flood Control & Flood Prevention

The most important single thing any homeowner or business owner can do to protect their premises from flood damage is -TO BE PREPARED. Looking desparately for heavy sandbags or old towels is useless  if the water is suddenly rising and threatening  to flood your house or livelihood. Thats where HYDROSACK comes in.

It is the perfect substitute for the old, traditional sandbag which are not only less effective but are also difficult to handle, labour intensive and a potential health hazard. When soaked with  water before installation, each HYDROSACK absorbs up to 20 litres of water; it lets the water in but refuses to let the water out, even when punctured, and when built into layers, the HYDROSACK wall produces a highly effective and fast barrier to flood water. Hydrosack is a tough, semi-porous bag, containing super absorbent polymer (SAP).  But that’s only one benefit…Before use each HydroSack weighs a mere kilo. Being so light it is fast and easy to handle and place into key positions – when flooding threatens every second counts.
Besides the inherent poor performance as a flood water barrier, sandbags are difficult to store, taking up substantial warehousing for unknown periods of time, in anticipation of an emergency. Excessively heavy and difficult to carry, each weighing approximately 15 – 20kg, sandbags are not easily disposed of and serious on-costs are incurred by truck them away after use. They are not environmentally friendly for they cannot be emptied into the earth after use. Sandbags not only leak and filter water through them, but they are also capable of carrying infectious diseases emanating from sewage polluted water.
HYDROSACKS fold flat when not in use, come in a number of colours, and are a cost-effective, quick  solution to the ever present theat of flooding. Don’t be caught out by unexpected floods , order your Hydrosacks today – you’ll be glad you did…

Hydrosack packs